FIB - Short Introduction

The Future Intelligence laB (FIB) focuses on the understanding and solutions to the complex global city problems and urbanization, which requires a large amount of data and knowledge analytics, visualization, optimization, with the interdisciplinary integration of artificial intelligence into urban planning and policy-making contexts. Our mission is to make contribution in the scope of future city through scientific theoretical foundation and cutting-edge technologies via high-impact research and large-scale deployment. We leverage a variety of inter-disciplinary methods in our studies including Data-centric Studies, AI-centric Studies, and User-centric Studies.

Data-centric Studies

- City Patterns and Urbanization Modeling
- Computational Social Science for Urban
- @ Multidisciplinary Journals for Data Science
- @ WWW, KDD, UbiComp

AI-centric Studies

- Machine Learning Solutions for Urban Problems
- Knowledge enabled Urban Governance System
- Large-scale City Simulation and Optimization
- @ KDD, ICML, NeurIPS

User-centric Studies

- Urban Polices, Behaviors and Their Interactions
- Urban Plan, Finance and Managment
- @ Journals of Urban Planning and Economics
- @ CHI, CSCW, UbiComp