2022 Autumn FIB-LAB Group Seminar

Date Speaker Content File
Jan. 14, 2023 Yanxin Xi Predicting socioeconomic status for irregular-shaped regions with satellite imagery and graph structure [More]
Jan. 14, 2023 Yibo Ma Application and improvement of mobile network energy saving method [More]
Jan. 14, 2023 Yu Zheng Spatial planning of land use and roads via deep reinforcement learning [More]
Jan. 14, 2023 Jiahui Gong A Knowledge Graph Driven Approach for Cellular Traffic Prediction [More]
Jan. 14, 2023 Shiyuan Zhang Deep Transfer Learning for city-scale Cellular Traffic Generation through Urban Knowledge Graph [More]
Jan. 14, 2023 Jinzhu Mao Finding critical nodes in urban interdependent network [More]
Jan. 7, 2023 Yunke Zhang The Severe Racial Inequailty in New York City’s Public Tranit System [More]
Jan. 7, 2023 Lin Chen Universal Mobility Response to Health Crisis [More]
Jan. 7, 2023 Zhilun Zhou Crowd Flow Generation via Diffusion Model [More]
Dec. 31, 2022 Can Rong Large scale city-wide OD network generation via diffusion model [More]
Dec. 31, 2022 Yu Shang Exploring linking structure of neural network and trainability [More]
Dec. 31, 2022 Nian Li Impact of Diversified Recommendation on Short-term and Long-term User Engagement [More]
Dec. 24, 2022 Qianyue Hao How AI Impacts the Scientific Research: AI Democratizes Science Participation [More]
Dec. 24, 2022 Guozhen Zhang DAS: Efficient Street View Image Sampling For Urban Prediction [More]
Dec. 24, 2022 Qingyue Long Diffusion models for trajectory generation [More]
Dec. 17, 2022 Jun Zhang GPU Accelerates Microscopic Traffic Simulation [More]
Dec. 17, 2022 Hongzhi Shi Learning Formulas for Pedestrian Dynamics from Trajectory Data [More]
Dec. 10, 2022 Zhenyu Han Epidemic Development Through the Lens of Geo-Tagged Imagery [More]
Dec. 10, 2022 Jinwei Zeng Leveraging urban imagery to predict high-resolution carbon emission [More]
Dec. 3, 2022 Yuming Lin A Brief Introduction to the Concept of Urban Resilience and Its Evaluation Method [More]
Dec. 3, 2022 Yu Liu A Brief Review of Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development Goals [More]
Dec. 3, 2022 Xiaochong Lan Recommendation for Inclusivity of Underrepresented Producers in User-generated Content Platform [More]
Dec. 3, 2022 Huan Yan Co-Evolving Graph Neural ODE Networks for Traffic Congestion Duration Forecasting [More]
Nov. 26, 2022 Mudan Wang Multi-scale Traffic Congestion Prediction with a Simple Contagion Process [More]
Nov. 26, 2022 Changzheng Gao An order combination method with higher utilization [More]
Nov. 26, 2022 Qiaohong Yu An efficient simulation system for 6G communications and optimization [More]
Nov. 26, 2022 Yuan Yuan Learning Diffusion Models for Spatio-temporal Point Processes [More]
Nov. 19, 2022 Fenyu Jiang Knowledge and Data Jointly Driven Method for Channel Modeling [More]
Nov. 19, 2022 Tao Feng Dynamic Self-selection Parameters Sharing in Multi-Agent Spatio-Temporal Reinforcement Learning [More]
Nov. 19, 2022 Fudan Yu Courier’s Working Process Recovery in JD Logistics [More]
Nov. 19, 2022 Yuheng Zhang Support Scientific and Engineering Research with Our Urban Simulation System [More]
Nov. 12, 2022 Jiazhen Liu Evolution of Correlated Directed Acyclic Graphs [More]
Nov. 12, 2022 Wenzhen Huang Wireless Network Resource Allocation for User Demand Satisfaction with Safe Reinforcement Learning [More]
Nov. 12, 2022 Xin Zhang Knowledge Graph Guided Contrastive Urban Imagery Learning for Socioeconomic Prediction [More]
Nov. 5, 2022 Yi Zhang Data component circulation network [More]
Nov. 5, 2022 Taichi Liu Unified Conversational Recommendation [More]
Nov. 5, 2022 Umber Saleem Joint Power Allocation and Tilt Adaptation for Task Offloading in MIMO Assisted Small Cell Networks [More]
Nov. 5, 2022 Muhammad Sheraz Towards Cost Minimization for Wireless Caching Networks With Recommendation and Uncharted Users’ Feature Information [More]
Oct. 29, 2022 Zhilong Chen Diversity and Interdisciplinarity in Science [More]
Oct. 29, 2022 Yunke Zhang Public Transportation is Trapping Marginalized Neighborhoods in Large US Cities [More]
Oct. 29, 2022 Nicholas Sukiennik Personality-Aware Recommendation for Short Video Applications [More]
Oct. 22, 2022 Can Rong OD network generation via diffusion model [More]
Oct. 22, 2022 Yu Shang Exploring linking structure of neural network and collective intelligence [More]
Oct. 22, 2022 Qingyue Long Practical Synthetic Human Trajectories Generation Based on Variational Point Processes [More]
Oct. 15, 2022 Tong Li Carbon Emissions and Sustainability of Mobile Network Infrastructures [More]
Oct. 15, 2022 Zhenyu Han Healthy Cities: A Comprehensive Dataset of Environmental determinants of Health in England Cities [More]
Oct. 15, 2022 Qianyue Hao Understanding How AI Shapes the Research and Impacts the Researchers [More]
Oct. 8, 2022 Hongzhi Shi Learning Formulas for Pedestrian Movements in Different Environments [More]
Oct. 8, 2022 Haoqiang Liu Neural-Genetic Algorithm: A Promising Framework for Vehicle Routing Problems Using Reinforcement Learning [More]
Oct. 8, 2022 Jun Zhang Exploring the Impact of Autonomous Driving Strategies on Urban Carbon Emissions Based on Micro Traffic Simulation [More]
Sept. 29, 2022 Jinwei Chen The simulation for practical logistics terminal scenario [More]
Sept. 29, 2022 Jingwei Wang Learning to cooperate in large-scale multi agent ride-sharing system [More]
Sept. 29, 2022 Xiaochong Lan Graph Neural Network Based User Generated Content Recommendation [More]
Sept. 24, 2022 Lin Chen Universal Resilience Patterns in Urban Mobility [More]
Sept. 24, 2022 Jinghua Piao Coevolution of Multiplex Networks in Urban Systems under External Shocks [More]
Sept. 24, 2022 Jingyi Wang Authentic self-expression on social media is associated with greater subjective well-being [More]
Sept. 24, 2022 Jinhui Yi Spatial-temporal model for delivery on time prediction [More]
Sept. 15, 2022 Yanxin Xi Interpretable urban inequality dataset based on satellite imagery [More]
Sept. 15, 2022 Zhihong Lu Development of interdisciplinary research under Covid-19 Global Pandemic [More]
Sept. 15, 2022 Guanyu Lin Factorization-heads Attention for Streaming Recommendation with Bayesian Contrastive Learning [More]
Sept. 15, 2022 Rui Chen MTrajRec: Map-Constrained Trajectory Recovery via Seq2Seq Multi-task Learning [More]
Sept. 8, 2022 Jinwei Zeng Planning for sustainable cities with mobility-based urban transportation carbon emission simulation [More]
Sept. 8, 2022 Yu Zheng DVR: Micro-Video Recommendation Optimizing Watch-Time-Gain under Duration Bias [More]
Sept. 8, 2022 Zhilun Zhou Knowledge Graph Aided Urban Region Embedding [More]
Sept. 8, 2022 Rui Chen The Impact of COVID-19 on Consumption Behaviors: Revealing Recession and Recovery Patterns [More]
Sept. 3, 2022 Guozhen Zhang A Multi-scale Co-evolving Model for Dynamic Link Prediction [More]
Sept. 3, 2022 Zefang Zong Spatial-Temporal Transformer with Reinforcement Learning for Time Dependent Vehicle Routing Problems [More]
Sept. 3, 2022 Wenxuan Ao Learning to Hierarchically Solve Large-Scale Bi-Level Last-Mile Pickup-and-Delivery Problems via Deep Reinforcement Learning [More]