2022 Spring FIB-LAB Group Seminar

Date Speaker Content File
July 23, 2022 Yuan Yuan A Deep Generative Model for Simulating Individual and Population Mobility [More]
July 23, 2022 Changzheng Gao How to Pack the Bin – A Research of 2D Rectangle Bin packing [More]
July 23, 2022 Taichi Liu Addressing filter bubble with negative feedback via signed graph neural networks [More]
July 21, 2022 Hongzhi Shi Learning Formulas for Pedestrian Movements in Different Environments [More]
July 21, 2022 Yanxin Xi Interpretable economic inequality from high resolution satellite imagery [More]
July 21, 2022 Hongjie Sui Solution to the Traffic OD Problem in the 1st Beijing Intelligent Transportation Innovation Competition [More]
July 21, 2022 Jinhui Yi Service quality prediction in JD Logistics [More]
July 16, 2022 Fenyu Jiang Physics-Informed Machine Learning for Wireless Channel Modeling [More]
July 16, 2022 Zhenyu Han Multiscale Disease Spreading Dynamics based on Graph Neural Network [More]
July 16, 2022 Qianyue Hao Understanding the Impact of Artificial Intelligence Research on Researchers [More]
July 9, 2022 Jingtao Ding Machine Learning Aided Network Topology Generation for Achieving Resilience in Complex Systems [More]
July 9, 2022 Can Rong Generating Temporal Origin-destination Flow based on Urban Attributes and Traffic Data [More]
July 9, 2022 Qingyue Long Mobility Simulation based on Variational Point Processes [More]
July 9, 2022 Jingwei Wang Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Order Dispatching and Vehicle Repositioning Joint Problem [More]
June 30, 2022 Yu Zheng Reinforcement Learning based Urban Planning [More]
June 30, 2022 Lin Chen Revealing and Conceptualizing Universal Resilience Patterns of Urban Venue Visitation [More]
June 30, 2022 Jun Zhang Mirage: An Efficient and Extensible City Simulation Framework [More]
June 30, 2022 Jinhui Yi Transformer architecture for delivery timely prediction [More]
June 25, 2022 Yu Liu Structure-aware Transformers for Hyper-relational Knowledge Graph Completion [More]
June 25, 2022 Yunke Zhang Mobility Inequality in Urban Transportation Networks [More]
June 18, 2022 Huan Yan Learning to construct the microscopic dynamics for traffic congestion [More]
June 18, 2022 Jinghua Piao Modelling the Emergence of Information Cocoons in Recommendations [More]
June 18, 2022 Wenxuan Ao Solving dynamic vehicle routing problem and variants: a learning-based approach [More]
June 18, 2022 Shuodi Hui Mobile User Traffic Generation via Multi-Scale Hierarchical GAN [More]
June 11, 2022 Sheraz Cache Access Maximization via Recommendation System [More]
June 11, 2022 Zhilong Chen Gender-Mixed Teams Produce More Interdisciplinary Science [More]
June 11, 2022 Yuheng Zhang Heterogeneous Computing Acceleration for Urban Simulation Systems [More]
June 11, 2022 Taichi Liu A Graph-based Self-Training Framework for Long-tail Recommendation [More]
June 4, 2022 Jinwei Zeng Two representative data-driven works for solving inter-disciplinary issues [More]
June 4, 2022 Changzheng Gao A Physics-informed Traffic Flow Simulator with Hybrid Car-following and Lane-changing Models [More]
June 4, 2022 Yi Zhang Fast Joint Global Optimal Power Allocation in Wireless Networks [More]
May 28, 2022 Amber Profit Optimized Task Scheduling for Vehicular Mobile Edge Computing [More]
May 28, 2022 Jinwei Chen Reinforcement Learning for Practical Express Systems with Mixed Deliveries and Pickups [More]
May 28, 2022 Xiaochong Lan Location-aware Recommendation with Preference-Disentangled Graph Neural Networks [More]
May 28, 2022 Nian Li An Exploratory Study of Information Cocoon on Kuaishou [More]
May 21, 2022 Erzhuo Shao Complexity modeling in GNN-based agent-level epidemic simulation [More]
May 21, 2022 Yu Shang Linking structure of neural network and collective intelligence [More]
May 21, 2022 Zhilun Zhou A new approach to measure the similarity of urban road networks via graph neural networks [More]
May 21, 2022 Huiming Chen Secure and Efficient Federated Learning for Smart Grid With Edge-Cloud Collaboration [More]
May 14, 2022 Zefang Zong Towards General Routing Solvers: AI based Iteration Methods [More]
May 14, 2022 Qingyue Long Human Mobility: Understanding and Modeling [More]
May 14, 2022 Hongjie Sui Prediction and Planning in Fastest Route Recommendation [More]
May 7, 2022 Yuan Yuan Mobility Simulation via Integrating Individual Preference and Population Dynamics [More]
May 7, 2022 Fudan Yu Smart City as Interactive Complex Systems: Concepts, Research Problems and Engineering Examples [More]
May 7, 2022 Xinghao Yang Research on Minimum Resource Estimation and Scheduling Strategy for Large-Scale Time-Constrained Project [More]
April 28, 2022 Yu Liu Exploring Transformer for Knowledge Graph Completion [More]
April 28, 2022 Can Rong Water System Simulation and Demand Generation [More]
April 28, 2022 Jinghua Piao Modeling the Emergence of Information Cocoons in Recommendation [More]
April 28, 2022 Fuxian Li Periodic Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Network for Traffic Congestion Prediction [More]
April 21, 2022 Zhenyu Han Simulate Disease Spreading Patterns in Social Network: A GCN based Approach [More]
April 21, 2022 Jun Zhang Introduction to Our Human-Centered City Simulation [More]
April 21, 2022 Xiaochong Lan Geographically-aware Micro-video Recommendation Based on Graph Neural Network [More]
April 9, 2022 Tong Li Network Digital Twin: Opportunities and Challenges [More]
April 9, 2022 Lin Chen Leveraging Human Mobility Data in Urban Epidemic Modeling: A Survey [More]
April 9, 2022 Jinwei Zeng OD Prediction Under Urban Development [More]
April 9, 2022 Zhilong Chen Beyond Virtual Bazaar: How Social Commerce Promotes Inclusivity for the Traditionally Underserved Community in Chinese Developing Regions [More]
April 2, 2022 Huandong Wang A Review on the Vulnerability of Interdependent Networks [More]
April 2, 2022 Umber Saleem Delay-Aware Computation Offloading in NOMA MEC Under Differentiated Uploading Delay [More]
March 26, 2022 Hongzhi Shi Symbolic Regression for Graph-structured Physical Mechanism with Searching Message-Passing Structure [More]
March 26, 2022 Yuhan Quan Denoising Social Network for Recommendation [More]
March 26, 2022 Muhammad Sheraz Exploitation of Recommendation Systems in D2D Networks to Optimize Cache Hits [More]
March 19, 2022 Shuodi Hui Knowledge Enhanced GAN for IoT Traffic Generation [More]
March 19, 2022 Yanxin Xi Beyond the First Law of Geography: Learning Representations ofSatellite Imagery by Leveraging Point-of-Interests [More]
March 19, 2022 Yu Zheng Disentangling Long and Short-Term Interests for Recommendation [More]
March 19, 2022 Qiaohong Yu Mobility Prediction via Rule-enhanced Knowledge Graph [More]
March 12, 2022 Zefang Zong Learning-based Methods for Solving Mixed Integer Programming – A review [More]
March 12, 2022 Zhilun Zhou Knowledge-driven Self-supervised Mobility Embedding for User Profiling [More]
March 12, 2022 Yu Shang Learning Fine-grained User Interests for Micro-video Recommendation [More]
March 5, 2022 Guozhen Zhang Physics-infused Machine Learning for Crowd Simulation [More]
March 5, 2022 Yinfeng Li Automatically Discovering User Consumption Intents in Meituan [More]
March 5, 2022 Qianyue Hao Reinforcement Learning Enhances the Experts: Large Scale COVID-19 Vaccines Allocation with Multi-factor Contact Network [More]
March 5, 2022 Guanyu Lin Dual Contrastive Network for Sequential Recommendation [More]
Feb. 26, 2022 Tao Feng KnowledgeGAIL:A Knowledge Enhanced Hierarchical Imitation Learning Framework to Simulate User Consumption Behavior [More]
Feb. 26, 2022 Yunke Zhang Identifying Mobility Inequality in Urban Space with Large-scale Open Data [More]
Feb. 26, 2022 Mudan Wang Learning to Discover Causes of Traffic Congestion with Limited Labeled Data [More]
Dec. 2, 2021 Jinwei Chen Deep Reinforcement Learning for Urban Transit Routing Problem [More]