2021 Spring FIB-LAB Group Seminar

Date Speaker Content File
June 17, 2021 Tsinghua-Helsinki-Fudan Distributed AI Webinar [More]
June 10, 2021 Jinwei Chen Reinforcement Learning for VRP with Delivery and Pickup Problem [More]
June 10, 2021 Jinwei Zeng The universal visitation law of human mobility [More]
June 3, 2021 Hongzhi Shi Learning to Simulate Human Mobility in Crowds with Graph Networks [More]
June 3, 2021 Yuhan Quan Micro-video Recommendation [More]
May 27, 2021 Yuan Yuan Understanding and Identifying Popular Spatial-temporal Patterns of Online Food Ordering [More]
May 27, 2021 Qiaohong Yu Spatio-Temporal Knowledge Graph Enabled Mobility Prediction [More]
May 20, 2021 Tao Feng Individual Mobility Intervention for Epidemic Control via Deep Reinforcement Learning [More]
May 20, 2021 Jianxin Chang M.S Degree Defense Pre-talk [More]
May 13, 2021 Yukun Ping M.S Degree Defense Pre-talk [More]
May 6, 2021 Guozhen Zhang, Yu Liu, Jinghua Piao, and Yu Zheng TheWebConf 2021 Summary [More]
April 29, 2021 Taiqi Liu The practice of graph-based recommendation models in Meituan [More]
April 29, 2021 Zefang Zong MAPAR: Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Pair-wise Routing System [More]
April 22, 2021 Guozhen Zhang and Yu Liu Ph.D Qualification Exam Pre-talk [More]
April 15, 2021 Zhilong Chen Learning from Home: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Live Streaming Based Remote Education Experience in Chinese Colleges during the COVID-19 Pandemic [More]
April 15, 2021 Can Rong Generating Origin-destination Flow via Domain Adversarial Training [More]
April 8, 2021 Shuodi Hui Knowledge Enhanced GAN for IoT Traffic Generation [More]
April 8, 2021 Amber Joint Task Scheduling and Resource Allocation for Jammed Vehicle Fog Computing [More]
April 1, 2021 Erzhuo Shao Exploration Restriction and Vertex-based Network Attack [More]
April 1, 2021 Lin Chen Efficiency and Equity in COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation [More]
March 25, 2021 Yu Zheng Long and Short-Term Interests for RecSys [More]
March 25, 2021 Zhenyu Han Who Will Survive and Revive Undergoing the Epidemic: Analyses about POI Visit Behavior in Wuhan via Check-in Records [More]
March 18, 2021 Guozhen Zhang, Yu Liu, Jinghua Piao, and Yu Zheng TheWebConf 2021 Pre-Talk [More]
March 11, 2021 Fuxian Li Dynamic Adaptive Graph Recurrent Unit for Traffic Prediction [More]
March 11, 2021 Mingyang Zhang Physics Regularized Post-Accident Freeway Traffic Prediction [More]
March 4, 2021 Jie Feng and Jun Zhang City Simulator [More]