2023 Spring FIB-LAB Group Seminar

Date Speaker Content File
March 25, 2023 Hongyi Chen Simulating Human Crowds with Crowd Dynamics [More]
March 25, 2023 Weikang Su Wireless network coverage optimization research sharing [More]
March 25, 2023 Yinzhou Tang Data-driven Modeling of Macro-Micro Collaborative Infectious Disease Transmission [More]
March 18, 2023 Dr. Wenzhen Huang Reinforcement Learning Method for Base Station Energy Saving [More]
March 18, 2023 Dr. Lei Chen Two Recommendation Tasks in Meituan [More]
March 18, 2023 Nian Li Consumption Inequality of Vulnerable Users in Short-video Platform [More]
March 18, 2023 Wenxuan Zhou The Impact of Telecommuting on Human Mobility and Urban Structure [More]
March 11, 2023 Yibo Ma Carbon Emissions and Data-Driven Mitigation Method of 4G and 5G Mobile Networks [More]
March 11, 2023 Dr. Haoqiang Liu DT-SimNet: A Digital Twin Driven Simulator for Mobile Communication Networks Using Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning [More]
March 4, 2023 Nick Modeling Fine-Grained Diversity Sensitivity for Recommendation [More]
March 4, 2023 Dr. Jiazhen Liu Emergence of Polarization in Coevolving Networks [More]
March 4, 2023 Dr. Fenyu Jiang PEFNet: a Physics Embedded Fading Network for Path Loss Estimation [More]
Feb. 25, 2023 Yuan Yuan Spatio-temporal Diffusion Point Processes [More]
Feb. 25, 2023 Dr. Tong Li MNDT: How Can Mobile Network Digital Twin Empower 6G? [More]
Feb. 25, 2023 Wenxuan Ao Learning to Solve Grouped 2D Bin Packing Problems in the Manufacturing Industry [More]
Feb. 25, 2023 Fudan Yu City-scale Vehicle Trajectory Recovery and Application Research Directions [More]
Feb. 18, 2023 Jun Zhang City simulation cutting-edge research sharing [More]
Feb. 18, 2023 Jingyi Wang Understanding the Influences of Social Ties on People’s COVID-19 Beliefs [More]
Feb. 18, 2023 Zihan Yu Understanding and Modeling Collision Avoidance Behavior for Realistic Crowd Simulation [More]
Feb. 18, 2023 Guanyu Lin DiffuRec: Sparse Attentive Diffusion for Long-sequence Recommendation [More]
Feb. 11, 2023 Qianyue Hao GAT-MF: Graph Attention Mean Field for Very Large Scale Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning [More]
Feb. 11, 2023 Yu Zheng Road Planning for Slums via Deep Reinforcement Learning [More]
Feb. 11, 2023 Can Rong City-wide Origin-Destination Matrix Generation via Graph Denoising Diffusion [More]