August 05–06, 2023, Beijing

The 3rd Floor, Rohm Building, Tsinghua University / 清华大学罗姆楼(电子工程馆)3层

The First Research Summit of Urban Science

Invited Speech | Panel Discussion | Poster Presentation | Urban Cup Competition


In our rapidly evolving world, the explosion of new technologies and the availability of vast amounts of urban data have transformed our capacity to sense and understand urban spaces and activities. However, the challenge lies in effectively utilizing this data to address complex urban problems such as congestion, pollution, and segregation. Our ability to find optimal solutions must keep pace with the data explosion and advance hand in hand with technological progress.

The Research Summit of Urban Science aims to bridge this gap by exploring how newly available urban big data can be leveraged to gain deep insights into modern urban spaces, tackle real-world urban challenges, and enhance urban systems. We have gathered internationally renowned experts in the fields of urban science, computational social science, and human dynamics to come together and engage in thought-provoking discussions.

Over the two days, our summit will feature a series of invited talks and panel discussions, where experts will share their cutting-edge research, innovative methodologies, and practical solutions. These sessions will provide a platform for in-depth exploration of the complex problems associated with global city dynamics and urbanization. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights, expand their networks, and contribute to the advancement of urban research.

In addition to the engaging talks and discussions, we will also have poster demonstrations, where researchers can showcase their work and engage in fruitful conversations with peers. Furthermore, we are excited to host the Urban Cup competition, where participants will have the chance to put their skills to the test in a stimulating and collaborative environment.

Join us at Beijing to collectively embainrk on this journey to unlock the potential of urban big data and pave the way for sustainable, efficient, and inclusive urban systems. We look forward to welcoming you to the Research Summit of Urban Science and Human Dynamics on August 5th-6th, 2023!

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Phone: (0086) 010-6277-2387

Center for Urban Science and Computation
Department of Electronic Engineering
Tsinghua University
Beijing, 100084, P. R. China




Chinese Academy of Sciences


Chinese Academy of Engineering


University College London

Luís M. A.

University of Chicago

Marta C.

University of California, Berkeley

Ryan Qi

Northeastern University

Riccardo Di

Northeastern University London

Carlo V.

Tsinghua University




University of Electronic Science and Technology of China


Tsinghua University

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Day 1

Roam Building, Tsinghua University

Opening Ceremony

Rong ZengVice President of Tsinghua

Lai WangVice President of Tsinghua EE Department

Depeng JinVice Party Secretary of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Director of Research Center for Urban Science and Computing @ THU EE

Luís BettencourtProfessor at University of Chicago

Feng LuDirector of GIScience Committee, China Association for Geospatial Industry and Sciences

Tao ZhouProfessor at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Chair of National Complexity Science Research Association

Yu ZhengVice President of
Chair of KDD China

Invited Talk 1-1

Big Data in Facilitating Sustainable Development Goal 11 and Related Goals

Huadong GuoChinese Academy of Sciences

Session Chair: Yong Li

Poster Slam 1: Urban Science

Session Chair: Yu Zheng

Coffee Break & Poster Demo

Invited Talk 1-2

Innovating Urban Design for Sustainable Development: Practice and Methodology

Zhiqiang WuChinese Academy of Engineering

Session Chair: Jingtao Ding

Invited Talk 1-3

A Brief Introduction to Urban Science and Why It Matters for China

Luís BettencourtUniversity of Chicago

Session Chair: Jingtao Ding

Urban Cup Presentation

Session Chair: Zhilong Chen

Lunch Break

Invited Talk 2-1

Urban Computing: Building Intelligent Cities Using AI and Big Data

Yu ZhengJD.COM

Session Chair: Tong Li

Invited Talk 2-2

Computational Socioeconomics: Perspectives, Methods and Related Applications in Urban Studies

Tao ZhouUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Session Chair: Tong Li

Poster Slam 2: Human Mobility

Session Chair: Lin Chen

Coffee Break & Poster Demo

Invited Talk 2-2

Exploring Spatio-Temporal Mobility Patterns within the City Structure

Riccardo Di ClementeNortheastern University London

Session Chair: Fengli Xu

Panel Discussion 1

Urban Science


Tao ZhouUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Riccardo Di ClementeNortheastern University London

Luís BettencourtUniversity of Chicago

Feng LuDirector of GIScience Committee, China Association for Geospatial Industry and Sciences

Fengli XuTsinghua University


Day 2

Roam Building, Tsinghua University

Invited Talk 3-1

Unraveling the Interplay of the Urban Form and Mobility Science for Planning Cities

Marta GonzalezUniversity of California, Berkeley

Session Chair: Huandong Wang

Invited Talk 3-2

Human Mobility and Urban Resilience

Ryan Qi WangNortheastern University

Session Chair: Huandong Wang

Coffee break

Invited Talk 3-3

Revolutionizing Urban Mobility: The Powerful Combination of AIGC and City Simulators

Yong LiTsinghua University

Session Chair: Chen Gao

Panel Discussion 2

Mobility Science & Urban Dynamics

Marta GonzalezUniversity of California, Berkeley

Ryan Qi WangNortheastern University

Yong LiTsinghua University

Gang XuWuhan University

Leye WangPeking University

Lunch Break

Invited Talk 4-1

Large Scale Models for Evaluating and Designing Alternative Urban Futures

Michael BattyUniversity College London

Session Chair: Yuming Lin

Invited Talk 4-2

The Architecture and Progress of the Inter-disciplinary Program "Creating Future Cities and Future Societies"

Tinghai WuTsinghua University

Session Chair: Yuming Lin

Poster Slam 3: Urban Complexity

Session Chair: Jinghua Piao

Coffee Break & Poster Demo

Invited Talk 4-3

Network Geometry and Navigability of Complex Networks

Carlo Vittorio CannistraciTsinghua University

Session Chair: Jiazhen Liu

Poster Award & Urban Cup Award

Closing Ceremony

Poster Presentation

Learning from latest reasearch and engage in fruitful conversations with peers!

Urban Science

Urban Visual Intelligence: Uncovering Hidden City Profiles with Street View Images

Fan Zhang / Hong Kong University of Science and Technology / [PNAS]

Dramatic Uneven Urbanization of Large Cities Throughout the World in Recent Decades

Liqun Sun / Chinese Academy of Sciences / [Nature Communications]

Ultra-high-resolution Assimilated PM2.5 Mapping for Human Exposure Assessment

Yongyue Wang / Tsinghua University / [Preparing for Communications Earth and Environment]

Carbon Emissions of 5G Mobile Networks in China

Tong Li / Tsinghua University / [Nature Sustainability]

Spatial Planning of Urban Communities via Deep Reinforcement Learning

Yu Zheng / Tsinghua University / [Nature Computational Science]

Mental Health Inequity in US Cities

Zhenyu Han / Tsinghua University / [Preparing for Nature Mental Health]

Human Mobility

Urban Dynamics Through the Lens of Human Mobility

Yanyan Xu / Shanghai Jiao Tong University / [Nature Computational Science]

Quantifying the Overall Characteristics of Urban Mobility Considering Spatial Information

Hao Wang / Beijing Jiaotong University

Emergence of Urban Growth Patterns from Human Mobility Behavior

Fengli Xu / Tsinghua University / [Nature Computational Science]

Strategic COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Can Simultaneously Elevate Social Utility and Equity

Lin Chen / Hong Kong University of Science and Technology / [Nature Human Behaviour]

Reconstruction of the Transmission Chain of COVID-19 Outbreak in Beijing's Xinfadi Market, China

Tianyi Luo / Chinese Academy of Sciences / [International Journal of Infectious Diseases]

Quantifying Systemic Accessibility Gaps in Sustainable Urban Transit Network

Yunke Zhang / Tsinghua University / [Preparing for PNAS]

Deep Collaborative Learning for Complex Urban Mobility Generation

Yuan Yuan / Tsinghua University / [Preparing for Nature Cities]

Urban Complexity

Simple Spatial Scaling Rules Behind Complex Cities

Ruiqi Li / Beijing University of Chemical Technology / [Nature Communications]

Sustaining Greener Dockless Bike-Sharing Systems by Incorporating Choice Behaviors of Users

Ruiqi Li / Beijing University of Chemical Technology

CLUMondo-BNU for Simulating Land System Changes based on Many-to-many Demand–supply Relationships with Adaptive Conversion Orders

Peichao Gao / Beijing Normal University / [Scientific Reports]

Human-AI Adaptive Dynamics Drive Emergence of Information Cocoons

Jinghua Piao / Jiazhen Liu / Tsinghua University / [Nature Machine Intelligence]

Predicting Individual Irregular Mobility via Web Search-Driven Bipartite Graph Neural Networks

Jiawei Xue / Purdue University

Urban Cup 2023

Join the fascinating journey towards computational urban science and share your insight from urban data!


Welcome to Urban Cup 2023! We sincerely invite you and your team to join the fascinating journey towards computational urban science for sustainability and social good! With fine-grained data on urban mobility, local infrastructure, land use, gas emission, greenness, crime as well as poverty, health insurance, education attainment, etc., we welcome you to submit an original and publicly understandable depiction of urban phenomena, patterns, or connections concerning urban sustainability and social good.


The findings should be aesthetically, scientifically, and accurately visualized based on your data analysis and described within 500 words in English. Two or more forms of the provided data should be used, and additional information (e.g., Internet activities) may but need not be linked to. Please also make sure to submit the source codes that guide you to your amazing discoveries.

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Conference Venue

The 3rd Floor, Rohm Building, Tsinghua University / 清华大学罗姆楼(电子工程馆)3层