Postdoctoral Fellowships in the FIB Group of Tsinghua University  

The data science and intelligence lab under Prof. Depeng Jin and Prof. Yong Li ( in Tsinghua University’s Electronic Engineering Department is eagerly recruiting Postdoctoral Scholars. The group is one of the pioneering centers for human-centric data-driven research. We aim to design cutting-edge AI and data mining techniques to harness the power in the wealth of human-centric big data to solve the burning research problems, such as modelling multi-modality human behavior patterns, understanding dynamics in urban space, designing personalized recommender system and intelligent wireless communication system. The group has established intense collaboration with Tencent, DiDi, BeiBei and the major Chinese mobile operators. The research findings have been published in prestigious academic conferences: KDD, WWW, UbiComp, AAAI, IJCAI, CSCW, SIGIR, TKDD, TMC, TON.

We are seeking highly motivated postdoctoral researchers with background in wireless communications, data mining and machine learning to join our group in a quest to perform breakthrough research on various human-centric big data and systems. The potential research directions include: data mining, deep learning, human behavior modelling, personalized recommender systems and intelligent wireless communications.

We are prividing competitive salary for outstanding applications with minimum pay of 500K RMB (70, 000 USD or 57,000,000 KRW) per year.

International collaborations and visiting:

Our research is being conducted with active collaborations with the Helsinki Center for Data Science (HiData) at the University of Helsinki, the H2O Center ( in Hong Kong, and SyMLab at HKUST. Working postdoctoral researchers can choose the lab for staying and collaboration.


We are searching for outstanding creative researchers with relevant research background. The ideal candidates will have rich research experience and strong skills in one or more of the following research areas: communications and networking, data mining, deep learning, human behavior modelling, personalized recommender systems and intelligent wireless communications. A Ph.D. degree or equivalent is required. The applicants should also be under 35 years old and within 3 years of graduation. Strong programming skills and experience with large-scale data analysis are a plus.

How to Apply:

  • Please send your CV and a statement indicating your research interest and experience to, under the subject line “Tsinghua Postdoctoral Position Application”. We will reach out to you when your applications pass the preliminary review.
  • Find out more information in,
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